Seaside Resorts of Guria

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The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a seaside resort in Guria is Ureki, which is the most famous. However, there are several more resorts on the beach line of Guria, Grigoleti borders Ureki from the north and Kaprovani to the south. These settlements nestled in a forest of pine trees is a great place to enjoy a calm and quiet holiday. Shekvetili, stretching from the south side of Kaprovani to the border of Adjara, has become famous throughout Georgia for its modern entertainment venues, including the Black Sea Arena (Georgia’s largest concert hall), the park of musicians, Miniature Georgia Theme Park and Tsitsinatela Amusement Park.
The whole Gurian beach seaside, from Kobuleti to Poti, is covered with magnetic black sand. This sand is very therapeutic and is sought out as for its health supporting properities, including cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, and skeletal system benefits. The sea is not deep along the beach is very convenient for families with children, as the water does not even reach the neck-level within a distance of 20-40 meters from shore. There is also the amazing fishmarket of Thshaltsminda not far from the beaches, where you can buy the catch-of-the-day from local fisherman.