Guria in Orange

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I was going to visit my friend Ana and her family in the village of Kontskhati before visiting Ozrugeti.  Instead of going up the main road, we followed a road passing through the villages of Shroma and Natenebi. The road was paved with asphalt but had been damaged by recent landslides. The villages of Shroma and Natenebi were richest during the Soviet Union and had historically represented one rural settlement. This is a reason that there are many traces of past wealth preserved in these villages, such as: huge buildings, obelisks and citrus gardens.

Locals from Shroma village bought a tank during the Second World War. The memorial was built in the center of the village in 1978 to commemorate this story. According to legend, a woman from the village of Shroma sheltered a wounded Ukrainian man and treated him as her son during The War. There is an obelisk standing as a reminder of Georgian-Ukrainian friendship near the center of the village of Shroma as well as an obelisk in the nearby village of Natanebi, standing as a sign of friendship between Georgian, Ukrainian and Armenian people.