Nakashidze Settlement

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One more remarkable village is Zedubani, an ancient settlement established by local feudal lords. From the top of the hill in the village, there is spectacular view of the Natanebi field and the entire coast of the Black Sea stretching from Kobuleti to Poti.

This place was the settlement of the Nakashidze Family. They were the most powerful feudal lords in the whole territory.  Their residence was located at the top of this hill and everything that could be seen from the hill belonged to them. Our guide told us the story of one of Nakashidze and his child. “The father had taken his child, who had been educated abroad, to the top of the hill and said to him, ‘all you can see, belongs to us’ and the child, admiring social democratic ideas, had asked: ‘what, then, belongs to the people?’”

The Nakashidze Family built an artificial cave, in which they stored various products and used for a wine cellar. Nearby, they had established a handmade tea factory. The entrance of the cave is located on the west side of the hill, which can be difficult to notice, as it is covered by plants. The entrance is wide and the walls are built with bricks. This cave was operational until 1920 and according to legend, the Chkhaveri wine stored in this cave was sent to Stalin as a gift during the Second World War. Today, the cave is abandoned and not owned or maintained by anyone.