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Konchkati is an amazing village, which can surprise you with plenty of interesting places in a very small area. On the west side of village, there is a hill where the ruins of St. George`s Church are preserved. To travel up the path to the church is not difficult, but is covered with plants because no one has cleaned this place for years. St. George’s Church stands on the highest point of this area and has an amazing view. Tsikhia Hill can be seen directly to the east side of the church.  The hill gets its name from a fortress being built on it in ancient times, however there is little trace of the fortress today.

There is a small river by one side of Tsikhia.  It is famous among the local people for its beautiful waterfalls.  Nearby, there is Kelketera Cave, which reminds us of the word “Kldekari”, meaning “door of the mountain”.  The slope of the other side of Tsikhia adjoins the Supsa River, which was known as the river Mogros to ancient Greek and Byzantine geographers, was used as a navigable river until XIX century. This place is called Nakalakevi in Kontskhati and is used primarily for agricultural purposes now.  Locals have found the remains of pottery and clay pitchers, giving them the reason to presume that there was a fortress in this place before. In the middle of the village, there are ruins of one more ancient site named Katistsikhe. This castle was built by the road on a high rock.  However, despite its location, it is not easy to notice the castle, as most of its walls have been destroyed. Locals have used the remaining sand and stones of Katistsikhe for road construction, which destroyed the castle almost completely.