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Likhauri is 5 kilometers away from Ozurgeti. It is a small village and it is quite easy to notice the Museum of Eqvtime Takaishvili in the center. Likhauri Church is located right in the center of the village, on the small hill. The XIV century church and XV century bell tower are monuments of national importance. The unique frescoes of the XV-XVI centuries have been relocated to the Art Academy in Tbilisi. Likhauri Castle is two kilometers away from the church. The complex includes the gate, towers, shooting spots, water reservoirs and a well. The road from the castel goes to the village of Chanieti, where we can see an ancient stone table “Chabia`s Throne“.
Approximately 3 kilometers from Likhauri is The Atsi Church. According to legend, a beast ravaged the village, Atsi, and the villagers begged St. George for help. St. George killed the beast and petrified it, and the people were so happy that they built the church named it after St. George. By the river you can see a huge stone – the stone of the beast. The church itself has interesting carvings and inscriptions on the outer façade and the interior frescoes, the unique fresco among them is the scene of how St. George is killing the dragon.