Despite a lack of public infrastructure (road, electricity, water, transport), Gomismta is a destination that attracts many Georgian and international travelers. Gomismta is a mountain-climate resort in Guria located at 2100 meters above sea level. From Shemokhmedi, it is 28 km to Gomismta. The road is serpentine and windy, within a gorge covered in greenery, on the northern slopes of the Meskheti Range. The resort is not hidden in the mountains, but on the edge of the mountain. In sunny weather there is a beautiful views of the Gurian lowland, and when the weather is cloudy in the lowland, it creates an unforgettable spectacle to watch.
In earlier times, Gomismta was used as a pasture for summer grazing. According to legend, a shepherd named Dunnanov had a gentle daughter that was cured at Gomismta, and this started the development of Gomismta resort, which began in 1931. Adjarian Shepherds still use Gomismta in summer, and it is possible to visit with them, enjoy healthy potatoes and baroni (vegetables in yogurt) and delicious fermented bacon (a flask of fat) and dried curds and mchadi (with flour, milk and noodles).
Gomismta is interesting place for adventurous travelers as there are many opportunities to hike: Lake Chinchoa, 2500 m above sea level(12 km from Gomismta), Kintrishi Reserve (20 km), Tkqeli Lake (20 km), Bakhmaro Resort (25 km), Goriquli and Meriakheli Settlement in Meri Kokli (23 km), or Takharinuri Mountain in the Adjaran village of Khabalashvilis (27 km). The paths are not marked, so when hiking you might need the help of a local, map, GPS or electronic application.

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