Gurian Oda

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A Gurian Oda is a wooden one-story house. This style of house is elevated from the ground and stands on stone walls. More modern versions of the Oda are two-storied and the first floor is used as a basement. Since ancient times, chestnut trees have been planted in Guria, as this tree is does very well in the humid climate. Chestnut trees have been used in the construction of traditional Odas. In the front of the Gurian Oda, there is a large balcony on which straight boards are used which are covered with detailed ornamentation. Inside the Oda, tiling covers the rooms and a fireplace is used to warm the house. A Gurian Oda house is characterized by exterior supporting facilities: Samzadi, which is used as a kitchen, Nalia, Khula, Fatskha and well.
“Menabde Marani” is remarkable place in Shemokmedi. It is a hotel created out of an exquisitely restored traditional Gurian Oda House. This hotel has a large wine cellar located on the territory, a Nalia, barn, verandas, resting spaces, pencots, fruit garden, hawking, chestnut, high and lowland vineyards. If you stay here, you will have an opportunity to taste famous Chkhaveri and traditional, locally sourced, healthy Gurian dishes.
There are two other remarkable old Oda houses in the villages of Dvabzu and Dzmelekhi. These houses are operating as museums, one of which is named after choreographer Giorgi Salukvadze and the other one for the writer Shalva Radiani.