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There are several ways to go to Bakhmaro. One of them is from the village of Mtispiri and is 28 kilometer long path. In this case you would leave your car in the village. It is also possible to go to Bakhmaro by horse or foot path from Khidistavi (29 km) and from Vekhijvari (27 km).
The distance between Khidistavi and Bakhmaro is 45 km on the main road. The road goes first to the Gubazol River. Following the serpentine road across the river will take you to a resort covered by rocks. There are two villages on the slopes, Kvabha and Chkhakura, which are famous for fishing. Buying the fish is forbidden in Kvabhga (), but in Chkhaakura it is allowed to buy it. On the way up, you will pass through Tskhratskharo and see some natural points of interest, such as fresh, mountain streams and a Pontoural Oak grove. Then you will arrive at 2050 meters above sea level, from which Bakhmaro appears below.
Bakhmaro is a mountain climate resort. Unlike Gomismta, located on the edge of a mountain, Bakhmaro is nestled in a valley. It is located at 1950 meters above the sea level and surrounded by high mountains covered in spruce forest. The surrounding mountatins vary in height, from 2300 to 2700 meters above sea level. Bakhmaro is unique in that air from the sea rises and mixes with the mountain air. Bakhmaro has historically been is recommended as a resort to treat people with respiratory ailments, tuberculosis, hemorrhage, and neurasthenia. Locals believe that it takes 21 days in Bakhmaro Resort for a person to feel full therapeutic effects. Bakhmaro has health benefits from June to October, and has been discussed as a potential winter resort since 1932. The Government of Georgia has an ambitious proposal to turn Bakhmaro into a four-season resort. Currently, the holiday season of Bakhmaro still remains about one month and a half, as it was 150 years ago.
Adjaran Shepherds have summer settlements around Bakhmaro. During the holiday season, they sell natural products in Bakhmaro, such as: milk, Matsoni, soya (sour cream), wild molasses collected in the woods and various handmade items made of wood.
Bakhmaro has rich water sources, the most popular of which with tourists is Gurieli’s Satsivi and the ‘Water of Beauty”. For a grand view of sunrise and sunset, don’t miss the “Gadrekili and Chadrekili” mountains, as the locals call it. These are mountainside viewing points have stunning views of a sunset and sunrise . Gadrekili (Sunset Mountain) is located at the east of Bakhmaro, at a height of 2505 meters above sea level. The sunlight is clearly visible from its peak in a good weather. People will walk in the early morning, at 2-3 o’clock in order to hike over to Chadrekili to catch the sunrise. The sunrise side is two kilometers northwest of Bakhmaro and it is relatively easy to climb.
Bakhmaro’s most famous and popular show is a traditional horse race. It takes place on August 19 every year and attracts attracts thousands of spectators.
Bakhmaro offers several trails for horse riding and hiking: Orphan Stone (4 km), Zotiqeli (7 km), Bali (13 km), Goriquli (15 km) Gomiami (25 km), Zoti (31 km). Trails are not marked, so when moving around you may need help from a local, map, GPS or e-application.

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