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When leaving Bakhmaro, you can visit the village of Zoti, which is located about 9 kilometers from the main road, however, the road is quite damaged. Adventuous travelers that go to Zoti will see amazing views of a beautiful village, stretched out on the slopes of the mountain. The village appears to live independently from the world. Adjarans have mostly settled this place since the Russian-Ottoman War in 1877-78 and the oldest building in the village is a mosque. This mosque is about 120 years old and is recognized as a cultural heritage monument. Villagers have constructed walls around chestnut-wooden building to protect it from snow and rain. The old wooden windows have been replaced by new PVC windows. However, inside, you will find old inscriptions and paintings have been preserved on the wooden walls.
Nearby, a mere three-hour hike North, you can see ruins of an old castle, Lomistsikhe. This medieval castle has two fragments of walls preserved. Another remarkable place nearby Zoti is Sanislia, which is a resort 15-17 km away. Sanislia is rich with thermal mineral water, which is therapeutic for chronic, inflammatory diseases, supports the skeletal, peripheral nervous system, and other organ systems.
Returning from Zoti, you can stop in Nabeghlavi to see how the famous mineral water Nabeghlavi is produced. The tour is free and can be booked online.
Mineral sources of Nabeghlavi were discovered in 1905. The water is useful for the treatment for digestive, liver, gallbladder, urinary tract and metabolic problems. In 1938, the spas were developed, and, since 1958, the facility started to produce Nabeglavi commercially. Today, there is a huge factory operating on the site, which was built in 2017. The factory produces 250 million liters of Nabeghlavi mineral water daily, as well as other products: pure bottled water “Bakhmaro”, lemonade, famous European brand juices, and other non-alcoholic drinks.
If you go to the factory museum, you can learn about the history of Nabeghlavi water. After listening to the presentation, taste all the products produced by in factory. Also, stop by the spring water tap in the yard next to the factory, but be warned, there can be long queues for the spring water as the local people use the tap a lot.