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On the way to the village of Khidistavi, you will pass the village of Khevi, where the famous warrior Bughara Mamaladze lived. He was a well-known warrior and defended Khevi and the surrounding area from the Ottoman invasions. From the right side of gorge, to the left of the Khidistavi road, there is the village of Zenobani, where the Nodar Dumbadze (famous writer) museum is located. The museum is built near Dumbadze’s grandparent`s house, a place where Dumbadze was keen to build his own house.
You can spend time during the day outside on Sunset Gubazeuli Beach Recreational Area. It is arranged on the riverside; with chairs, outdoor lighting, volleyball, bar and fireplace as well as areas for swimming. This place has a natural jacuzzi, where the water is always warm and going in is an enormous pleasure.
There is a family hotel nearby if you wish to stay for a few days. You can also take part in wrapping and packing delicious dried fruit (made from local fruit from the village) with the host. The experience is quite interesting.