Eristavi Castel

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On the way from Chokhatauri to the village of Goraberezhouli, you will see it on the right. Following the road for two kilometers will lead you to a gate, behind which there is the garden, covering one hectare, with a rare species of plants: a pencil tree, a candy tree, a giant sequoia, a Japanese strawberry tree, ginkgo and others. This garden belonged to Eristavebs (the Dukes). In the middle of the garden there is a protective building owned by Eristavi’s family. Eristavi’s castle-fence and garden has been granted the status of a national monument. (There are six more such properties in Guria).
A guidemarker can be found there with information about the monument. The castle wall has been dated back to the XVII century. The Eristavi had a residential house here, which has since been destroyed. Here you will find a place where a 22- meter artesian well was, historic furniture and a unique, preserved fireplace in the house.
In the yard, you can also find one of the first tea bushes in Georgia. The Eristavi family was quite successful in the tea business. In 1864, Mikhail Eristavi made tea using primitive techniques and educated the public about these techniques at agricultural exhibitions.