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In the village of Janale, you will find an interesting place along the river Supsa. Here the river flows from a narrow gorge of the mountains and the water is natural and creates swimming pools. This section of Supsa is called Guria Lake.
Guria Lake is surrounded by high mountains on both sides. There are ruins of an old castle tower on one of the mountains. Humans lived here during the late Bronze Age. During the ancient times, there was a city-type settlement. The oldest building of the castle dates from the earliest feudal age. Only the ruins of the northern tower survived. This tower dates back to VI-VII centuries. A steep trail goes from the lake to the tower.
Surebi is located above Guria Lake. Up to 10 villages near Surebi have been abandoned, and as a result, there is almost nothing but beautiful nature in the Surebi Valley. It is interesting for lovers of hiking and the outdoors. Hiking trails go through the village of Kumur (20 km) in Imereti, to Jaji Lake (26 km, 2664 meters above sea level). From here, the paths go to the Sairme Resort, Abastumani, Imereti, Adjara and Samtskhe-Javakheti.