Gurian wine

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Guria has a rich tradition of viticulture and winemaking. Grape vines have existed since ancient times, and along with viticulture, sericulture (silk farming) and beekeeping were among the three most widely distributed agricultural fields of Guria. Viticulture-winemaking has lost its prominence due to a massive cultivation of tea in the region of Guria during the Soviet times, but currently there has been a re-awakening of this field in Guria.
Bukisitsikhe, Erketi, and Dzaltsikhe are the best places for viticulture. There are already several small family vineyards, where traditional varieties of wine are made from the local grape varieties of Guria (Chkhaveri, Giani, Tsolikouri, and others).
Among the Gurian winemakers, Zurab Topuridze wine cellar is very impressive. He has vineyards stretching 10 hectares and produces much a lot of wine. Visits to his cellar and wine tastings can be booked by wine lovers a week in advance through his website ( Another family cellar belongs to the Sharashidze Family. There is a guesthouse on the property separate from the wine cellar, in which we stayed for one night.