Healing Waters

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Guria is rich with mineral and thermal waters which has useful healing properties. There is healing water: Lashe’s Bath in the village of Amaghleba. Lashe’s Bath is an open bath, but is currently not organized. While the water is pure, it is abandoned and unregulated.
This naturally carbonated water is suitable for drinking and bathing. In the nineteenth century, the wife of Mariam Eristavi, the French engineer Doris, was interested in this water. She specialized in the use of this water’s properties and concluded that the water was useful and healed diseases of rheumatism, arthritis, radiation, bone and joint systems. Doris had created the Bath with her own funds and offered it to the people free of charge.
Salty water was found in the village of Buknari. Another remarkable place is Nasakiral Resort. This place is only called “a resort” because of the water as the resort infrastructure has not been preserved. The Supsa River water contains sulfur-hydrogen which it picks up from the ground on the hill along the bank. The Supsa originates from several places in the forest. The water is suitable for water baths as well as for drinking. Formerly, there were overhauled spas in the area, with 40 guest rooms and resting cottages. Water baths were used for the treatment of diseases of cardiovascular, stroke, peripheral nerves, and gynecological diseases.
On the other side of the river next to the Nasakirral Resort, there are two mineral sources in the area of Dzimeti, one of which is used for drinking and the other is used for joint treatment.