Republic of Guria

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In 1905, the Gurians declared their own republic. On the Nasakirali Pass, you will see the Nasakirali Battle Monument. On October 16, 1905, the revolutionary people stopped the Ozurgeti garrison, which was returning from Chokhatauri to Ozurgeti between the mountains of Nasakirali and Tskhawatas. After the fight, the social-democratic Republic of Guria backed the social movement, which was the highest point of the social movement, which started in Guria in 1901. This social movement comprised of different layers of society: peasants, workers, teachers, and even priests.
For many years, Gurian peasants were engaged in revolutionary activities: they organized arms illegally, created military groups, used terrorism and violence, were engaged in educating, organizing villages, and writing illegal political literature, boycotting landlords, and holding rallies.
In the early 1900s, the peasant leaders of this social movement of Guria were: Benia Chkhikashvili, Tedo Kikvadze, Isidore Ramishvili, Noe Ramishvili, Liza Bolkvadze, Silibitro Jibladze, Noe Tsintsadze, Gerasimi Makharadze and Noe Khomeriki. They later founded first democratic republic of Georgia.
The Nasakirali struggle was a minor clash in which only two people were killed. Rebels sacked a garrison on its way Ozurgeti, so the Nasakirali monument is a reminder of our struggle for primacy and social equality.