Waterfalls and Canyons

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Guria is not a region known for big rivers and waterfalls, however it may surprise some visitors that almost every village in Guria has a wonderful waterfall. In every village of Guria, there is at least one small river, (or “ghele”, as called by the locals). These small rivers in the Guria hills create small waterfalls and canyons. Some of them are very lovely and worth visiting.
In the middle of Guria, on the river Supsa, there are several small waterfalls in neighboring villages, for example Sakvikhia Canyon.
Three other waterfalls are worth visiting in the village of Lower Dzimeti, three miles east of the village of Kharakhamela. After crossing a bridge, you can cross the road in the middle of the crossroads and follow the path to the river. One does not have to be adventurous, as it is not difficult to find the waterfall from the river. The water is clear, and it is easy to find varieties of fish and crustaceans. Gradually, the canyon narrows and becomes a gorge where you can find a small waterfall, followed by a larger waterfall. If you cross the bridge, you will arrive at a main road and head left towards the center of the village, which is about a kilometer away. From here, you will come across a river with small waterfall with two cascades.
The village of Atsana has several interesting places in the canyon. A confluence of beautiful rivers: Atsaura, Aquana, Sazliana and Saqvakhia. Among them is the most beautiful shawl, where there is a refurbished staircase built to help you descend into the canyon.

Along with the waterfall in the village of Mamamti, you can see the former home of Eduard Shevardnadze. Shevardnadze was the First Secretary of Soviet Georgia (de facto leader) for 13 years and then served as the second president of Georgia, from 1992-2003. Shevardnadze’s uncle used to live in the old house, rehabilitating the yard and building new rooms. Currently, this house is still owned by Shevardnadze’s family but does not carry museum status, however the keys to the house are kept with neighbors and the property is accessible to anyone who would like to see it.