kvevri (clay jars) in Atsana-Aketi

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The Chkhaidze Family of Atsana is the only wine business operating in Guria, which uses Georgian traditional methods – kvevris (clay jars). In Atsana and Aketa, winemaking was established early on and proliferated because of the land (sand and clay, loam), and now this tradition continues with the Chkhaidze family.
After seeing the winery, on the highest hill, there is monastery (Okana) worth seeing. Originally built in the 9th century, there are only a fragments of the fence preserved from the monastery. There is a newly built church is located in the yard. In the church’s courtyard, there is a golden stone: this is a very old piece of sports equipment. The big stone was used in strongmen competitions.
Okona monastery directly overlooks the Church of Akei, which is 7 km away from the south side of the church. This is the church was founded in the XVIII Century, and was recently restored. There is a legend associated with Aketi and the Church, which is similar to the legend of Shemkmneli and the Gorispherdi Church. You may also see the ruins of St. George’s Church in this village. It is interesting to note a Gurian rebellion started in this village in 1841 and Guria’s first library opened in this village.