Museum of Egnate Ninoshvili

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Egnate Ninoshvili’s house museum is located in the village of Archeuli, 15 km away from Lanchkuti. In the last years of her life, “as the swallow of the first spring”, as Akaki said, Egnate lived in this house and died here at the age of 35. She is buried in the neighboring village of Tsancheti. On the day of her funeral in 1894, a large crowd of people from different parts of Georgia came to the village of Tsancheti. Her funeral was recorded by Silibistro Jibladze and a political program was written by Noe Zhordania, which established a foundation intended to set in motion a third-party, social-democratic movement.
From Archeuli, you can go to Baghlebi and walk up the high hill, called Nasakdrali by the locals. On top of the hill, the ruins of the XIV century church are preserved. The Church of Baghdaf is important for studying the history of Guria, as one of the oldest Vardansidze-Gurians are mentioned in the inscriptions preserved by the church. In the courtyard of the church, there are remnants of kvevri, (pitchers used in traditional Georgian wine making). According to legend, a golden commander was buried in the yard of the church. The inscriptions are no longer visible, and the church has collapsed.