Gurian outlaws (Pirali in Georgian)

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Generally, Guria is known as a home of many revolutionaries and outlaws. Gurian outlaws spread in the second half of the XIX century in Guria due to economic difficulties, the inhuman rule of the Russian administration, and the Russian-Ottoman Wars.
The Gurian outlaws was prominent in two waves: the first wave appeared in 1880 for socio-economic reasons. The second wave came at the beginning of the XX century and its main cause was political: they were sympathetic to the social-democratic movement and participated in revolutionary activities.
Over time, the Gurian outlaws became folkloric characters. Nikoloza Mekhozla, Sisona Darchia, Vasila Lominadze’s lyrics and songs from Simona Dolidze were created. Simona Dolidze’s monument is also in the village of Amagleba.