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While in Guria, you should definitely try khachapuri baked on a grill. It is most delicious. Making and tasting Janjukha (Gurian Churchkhela) is also a fun experience and unique to the region. Janjukha is made with hazelnuts, instead of walnuts.
Generally, Gurian Cuisine is not famous, but this does not mean it is not delicious. An example of another Gurian dish is Satsivi, cooked turkey with a specially cooked nutmeg sauce. Generally, Gurian Cuisine is characterized by poultry meat dishes: stewed duck, fried chicken, fried pullet, fried chicken in either a hazelnut sauce or walnut sauce.
Guria is also a real heaven for vegetarians: Mchadi (corn bread); Ghomi with sauce; various types of beans: kirkvali, amolesili, nigvziani or lobiani; nutmeg eggplant; various kinds of puddings (Fkhaleuli – in Gurian dialect) chinchari, jijelakha (chiklakha), kejera, ekala, akila, chkana; fresh potatoes with green tamarind; boiled pumpkin (Khapera – in Gurian dialect), and a variety of mushrooms cooked in a pot.
Cooking with a deep pan is an important feature of Gurian cuisine. A stone or clay pan is placed the middle of a fire, from which you can bake Mchadi, Khatchapuri, Brijnjula (Gurian pancakes with cheese and egg), fried fish, mushrooms, or chicken;
When baking, you will be able to breathe easily over the fire as the smoke will be directed out of the room by smokeshaft. Gurians use grapevines, walnuts, laurel or leaves in the bottom of the pan, giving a special aroma to the room and taste to the dishes.

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