Jumati Church

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Jumati Church is recognized as a cultural monument of national importance and stands on the left bank of the River Supsa, almost 500 meters above sea level on a mountaintop. From the church’s courtyard, it’s possible to see a magnificent view of the wide horizon: Colchis Lowland, Caucasus, Paliastomi Lake, Adjara coastline.
Jumati Church is basilica-shaped and dates to the early feudal times. In 1847, the southern part of church and the gateway from the West were restored. Most of the frescoes in the cathedral were created in the XVI-XVIII centuries, however some of the frescoes were created in the XIX century.
Jumati has been a center for the Eparchy for centuries and a lot of wealth was kept here, especially valuable are the icons of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. The ancient Gurians felt protected by these icons and each enamel was decorated with medallions. The icons were lost in the 1880s, and the medallions removed from these icons are kept in museums in Tbilisi, St. Petersburg, Paris, and New York.
There is a monastery near the church. According to legend, the “Pavlia Tribes” were sunk by the banks of Paliastomi Lake. Only one deacon, Darchia survived, who had taken the Archangel’s icon and hid in the mountain. Later on, the church was built in this place.