Chokhatauri Museum

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The Niko Mari Museum is in the village of Thalaczike. It is a private property and houses Niko Mari’s manuscripts, memorial objects, works, and furniture. The father of this famous scientist, agronomer Jacob Mari, settled in this village in the 19th century by the invitation of Mamia V Gurieli and cultivated viticulture and winemaking. The descendants of Mari bought the old wooden house and museum in honor of their celebrity ancestor. The museum is easy to find: it is close to the road and the sign is visible for everyone; the visit is free.
Also recommended is the Chokhatauri Local Museum. This museum is much like other museums in different regions of Georgia. There are archeological, ethnographic expositions, local feudal luxury items and furniture, old photos, and more.
One of the most interesting exhibits is on ancient agriculture. Maize from the American continent is a main grain in Guria and western Georgia. Here you can see old tools, some of which were fashioned into illegal weapons or ammunition. At the beginning of the 1900s, the Gurian people illegally used to make weapons with these instruments and supplied the revolutionaries.